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Sharing God's Love

Omukagyera, Uganda


Our friend Paul Hirsch is heading up mission work in Uganda, where he is called to use his gifts of construction and electrical work to meet the needs of the people. A free school has been constructed that focuses on education, using the bible to teach reading. It serves over 200 children and 30 orphans from neighboring villages.

Currently, they do not have electricity, or roofs on several classrooms. Paul has accepted the call to help.  Please consider partnering with Paul as he travels to Uganda to reach the lost for Christ.

Below is a link to his home church where you can join in helping him on this urgent mission.

UGANDA- Fostering Children

James and Proscovia Talusisi are workers for the Kingdom of God in Uganda. James is a retired pastor and Proscovia still volunteers as a woman's minister. Although they still have 2 older girls at home, they also foster children from their village when the families can no longer afford to feed them. They have a small family farm where they grow some of their food and 3 cows that produce milk that they not only drink, but also sell.

For the last year, they have taken care of 3 small boys. Unfortunately they lost 2 cows to illness which were replaced by calves. They will need continued support until the calves are old enough to produce milk. If you would like to give to this mission, you can send a check with UGANDA in the note, or give with PayPal by clicking the button.

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Fill the Cup

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Pastors and Mission workers need our support. Pastor burnout can happen, but we are called to fill the cup of the Pastors and mission workers to help keep them going.

Last year 12 pastors or missionaries joined us, free of charge, in Port Aransas for some much needed rest and refilling. Each of our guests came to us in a time when their life was changing directions and, praise God, received direction from Him while they were here. 

If you know of a Pastor who would benefit from a few days to relax, please reach out and contact us.

If  you would like to donate to pay the expenses of visiting Pastors and Mission workers, you can mail a check with "Fill the Cup" in the subject or click the PayPal donate link. 

2022 Financial Accountability

budget 2022.jpg

Being a good steward of our blessings from God is a mission for all of us. We prayerfully give to the furthering of God's Kingdom when called.

All ministry positions at Sandcastle Church are unpaid volunteer position to allow us to use what is entrusted us to do God's work.

Highlights of the Work in 2022

Last year we felt led to make a sizable donation to relief efforts in Ukraine which increased our worldwide giving.

We also supported our local Pregnancy Center which educated mothers-to-be and supports them bringing in God's blessing of a new life.

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