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A Matter of Life and Death

Do you remember learning to drive a car; when you looked at something to the right or left, your car would drift in that direction? Our spirit works the same way... what you focus on, you drift towards. Paul spoke about it in Romans 7:9-11.

And I was alive apart from the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died; and the commandment, which was unto life, this I found to be unto death: for sin, finding occasion, through the commandment beguiled me, and through it slew me.

What Paul is saying, "What we choose to focus on we will drift toward." It is our choice, we can look at life through the Law and find that everyone and everything falls short... choosing to drift toward unhappiness and death. Or, choose to focus on the life promised by the Gospel of Jesus Christ where sin is forgiven, we are victorious over all things, and we are called to share this great news with others. Yes, it is true, we all fall short and you can spend your time looking and focusing on these things creating stress and strife, but medical science has proven what God's Word teaches:

Stress ushers in death...medical science links it as a contributing factor to everything from heart disease to cancer. How we look at life does matter. Positive thoughts and beliefs have proven time and time again to overcome a predicted negative outcome.

With this in mind, look at your texts and social media posts for the last week, month, or year. Where is your focus? How many positive uplifting posts do you have? How many critical, irritated, and negative messages have you sent out. Where is your focus?

When the enemy, Satan, attacks you with thoughts leading toward depression, irritation, and judging of others, try counting your blessings instead.... speak about them instead of focusing on what is going wrong. If people irritate you, try doing something kind for someone. It will bring you joy as well as them. Studies show that if you are feeling down, smiling, even if forced, will bring your mood up. Personally, I put on my favorite Christian music station and praise God for all that He is. Your happiness is within your grasp...chose life and joy, or stress and death.

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